Even though I got a biogrpaher who is making a movie about me (Ron Murray) I wanted to tell you some stuff about me so that you can see that I am a good guy (and acotr) for your movie.

I was born on September 9 in 1976. My real name is John Castle, but everybody calls me Johnny Castle becasue that is my movie name. When I was a little kid I used to make stunt movies with my friends and I used to be the action hero in the movies.

I wasn't very good in high school but I always new that I had a bright future. For example, I knew I could be good at meeting people and doing lunch.

My dad is very supportive of me in my career. I used to get mad at him alot when I was in shcool but he is really a good guy. He even helped me to get my job at Blockbuster Video.

I have been in 3 studnet movies so far and plus I am working on a biographer with Ron Murray. Ron went to Columbia University in Chicago and he learned about how to make films like using a camera and recording the sounds and the lights. Ron says that he thinks it could be cool to make a movie about me now so that when I'm famous he can already have my life filmed for the part about what it was like before I got famous.

Ron and me met at a party one time like 2 years ago in 1999 and he has been really helpful in my career. Like he raised some money to put me in school at the Second City where I met a cool teacher named Tom Greene. He taught me improv like making up acting as you go along in the story. And also Ron helped my dad to send me to Hollywood for a month last summer. I got to drive across the whole country and I met some agents and casting directors and I learned some more about acting at the Celebrity Center which is an acting school and a church. I am going to make a page about my first hollywood visit soon but I don't have many pictures of me beacause I was by myself and I didnt have a camera.

So as you can see I really like acting and Will Smith. But I also am interests in other things. I like to talk to people and hear about they're lives (the girls mostly). I like the internet because it has new opportunities for everybody. Also I like animals especially cats but I don't got none. Chicago pizza is my favorite food. If you guys have any more questions about my life you can email me at and maybe I'll write an FAQ.

Thanks for reading, I'll see you in Hollywood!

P.S. - I am not the same actor as the guy in Dirty Dancing. But I thought it was funny that they named a movie character after me. It shows that I should definately be in Hollywood!